Offering Component services for:

  • Heat transfer – Heat exchangers, oil coolers, fans
  • Pneumatic– Starters, air cooling turbines, valves
  • Mechanical – Gearboxes, jackscrews
  • Electro mechanical – actuators, linear actuators
Aircraft Types Engines
Fighter F-5 F-15 F-16 T-38 A-10 F117
ISRC E-3 E-6 E-8 P-3 F100
Bomber B-1 B-52
Transport C-130 C-5 C-17
Tanker KC-135 KC-10
Rotary UH-60 CH-43 CH-53

We understand the unique support needs of the military customer. Our leading edge testing technology ensures the very finest overhauls with timely delivery and communication throughout the process to keep our customers informed on their critical need parts to serve our global military customers.


AJ Ferron
Director, Military Business Dev.